Meet the ROTO 450s motorboat

Fast, compact and extremely stable - made for multifunctional use

Due to the advanced design and unique production process, the ROTO 450s is extremely easy to handle, robust, stable and reliable. All of this results in a high degree of security and safety for users.

One of the advantages of the ROTO 450s is, that it is roto-moulded in one single piece and made with 3-layer technology. This ensures the exceptional rigidity of the hull despite its low weight and high capacity.

The basic version of the ROTO 450s has one seat bench, which is intended for the fuel tank or as lockable storage box. Optionally, owners can order another box and a command bridge/console with windshield protection.

The ROTO 450s is produced in Slovenia by ROTO, a leading European manufacturer with over 45 years of experience in roto-moulding and a worldwide distribution network.



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