Neoprene deck PALM IMPACT

High quality WW neoprene deck PALM IMPACT



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A new look, updated for modern cockpit shapes. The Impact is our premium shock cord deck for whitewater freestyle paddling. Burly 9.5 mm shock cord holds it in place, and the seamless O-ring seal keeps the waist tube where you want it. The Nytex reinforced rim shrugs off wear and tear, and a three-quarter dry lip seals water out.
  • Burly shock cord deck with extra dry lip
  • Tough Nytex reinforced panels
  • Sticky Gripsil on cockpit lining
  • 3/4 length dry-lip 
  • 9.5 mm elastic shock cord double sewn 
  • 38 mm webbing release loop 
  • Nytex reinforced rim at the front, Supratex at the back 
  • O-ring seal waist 
  • attachment clip 
  • glued and blindstitched seams 
  • sticky Gripsil on cockpit lining 
  • taped seams

Neoprene spraydeck sizes

Common nameCockpit circumference (cm)Cockpit length (cm)Cockpit width (cm)Examples
R2 Extra small 177 – 192 66 – 75 40 – 44 Dagger Axiom 6.9
R3 Small 192 – 207 75 – 83 44 – 47 Slalom kayaks and some older sea kayaks
R4 Keyhole 207 – 217 83 – 89 47 – 50 Dagger whitewater kayaks and some sea kayaks
R5 Bigdeck 217 – 227 89 – 95 50 – 53 Dagger Katana; Pyranha, Waka, Zet or Spade whitewater kayaks; and most sea kayaks
R6 Super big 227 – 237 95 – 101 53 – 56 Dagger Axis E

Waist size

SizeWaist (cm)
XXS 64 – 72
XS/S 72 – 80
M/L 80 – 96
XL/XXL 96 – 112
adjustable 60 – 127

Data sheet

Type Deks
Main material 4 mm CR neoprene
Purpose of usage White water rivers
Country of origin United Kingdom

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